Thursday, July 26, 2018

Baltimore Meteorologist Defends Starting Game, Says Rain Could Have Been Snow

After the controversial start of Wednesday night's game against the Red Sox, Orioles officials have been criticized for not being more responsible and simply waiting for the deluge that was obviously coming soon after the 7:10 start time. Instead, the game started—lasting just two innings with Boston up, 5-0. After a two-and-a-half-hour rain delay, the game was ultimately postponed. The Orioles are fighting back at their critics by rolling out a local Baltimore meteorologist—who claims that the Red Sox were lucky that they weren't snowed out. The weatherperson (who refused to be identified since she is not authorized to speak publicly about precipitation), said the following: "Yeah, OK, maybe they should have known that the heavy rain was coming in a few minutes—but the Red Sox are lucky they weren't snowed on. According to my satellite imagery, a massive 'nor-easter' was about to hit the ballpark—with up to a foot of snow. I'd like to see how Alex Cora would have liked that!" It's unclear what the snow forecast had to do with the team's decision to start the game, but, it's believed the meteorologist in question 'advises' the Orioles on weather issues.

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